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Maricela Vega

maricela vega

Maricela  is a host to a myriad of  culinary services through thoughtful approaches and over 15 years in the culinary worlds. 



Event  Production  |  Food & Bev Styling

Private Chef services   |  Culinary Classes  Consulting:  food facility  operations  &  menu/product development 


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Maricela Vega  (she/ her /ella b. 1989 Orange, CA )  was raised in north Georgia. 

She is an interdisciplinary artist, grower/gardner and critically acclaimed chef, best known from former "8ARM" & "CHICO" in Atlanta.  She has expanded her repertoire to include food styling -- IE Coca Cola, Delta, Dynasty.  


Maricela is recognized through national publications like Bon Appetit, New York Times, Garden & Gun as well as  with accolades including 2020 Executive Chef of the Year by the  State of Georgia Department of Agriculture & James Beard Foundation Emerging Star Chef nomination.

Today, her work takes shape in both ATL  and  LA.

Mari is proud to showcase and exercise her very bulging food background.

clay fish upstate new york
about us

Mari renews her relationships to food by researching and nixtamalizing maíz, stewarding a 1/4 acre garden & seed saving  as well as practicing  clay & maize culinary-artistry .

Maricela's arm brushes over fire to move scallions
food styling by maricela vega
Rogue peas grown by Maricela Vega
Freshly made tetelas by Maricela Vega
Zara's view of Maricela's many masa works

Photographers: Kevin Brown, Zaira Asis, Sunny Sim, Maricela Vega & Wicked Weed 

brown eyed susan flowers in 1/4 acre garden
masa sculpture oaxaca to atlanta by maricela vega

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